We make our signature ice cream in house – hand crafted in small batches.

“We are 100% committed to quality. From fresh blueberries to high quality hand selected cocoa, our ice cream is made in small batches.”

Kelly Benson, Co-founder

Many ideas have found their beginning in the dining room of the Port House® Grill – our ice cream is one of them. After being woken up before sunrise one too many times to receive the ice cream order that we would use for resale – I decided I had enough. In our restaurant we make all of our food with fresh high quality ingredients, so I asked myself why can’t we make our own ice cream too? Dad and I had an ice cream machine the next day. Two weeks later we purchased a larger one with more capacity and more cooling power. Six months later we upgraded again. Fast forward and today we have grown out of our dining room and our ice cream is an entity of its own.

Come enjoy ice cream made from the values that established the Port House® Grill. Fresh, high quality ingredients, created in small batches, brought to you by a team of individuals that have a passion for food and making people smile.

-Hud & Kelly Benson